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About Us & Contact Details
Sound Message, LLC provides audio production and recording, CD manufacturing and printing, web site design and hosting, multimedia marketing solutions, digital photograhy, video editing, and other services that are professional, affordable, and simply brilliant! (Since 1997)

At Sound Message, LLC, there's not much that we can't do. We hope this makes life easier for our clients. The diversity of our services means we can often be a "one stop shop" for a wide range of needs, which translates into greater convenience and efficiency and less hassle and costs for your projects.


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For General Information:
Sound Message, LLC
PO Box 8785
Erie, PA 16505-0785

For Payments & Client Services:
Sound Message, LLC
6501 Vegas Dr #2063
Las Vegas, NV 89108-7744

You can reach Nathan Roemer, Owner and Production Artist,
by phone, toll-free, on: 1-866-4-NATHAN (1-866-462-8426)

Our Screen Name is SoundMessage.

Please use our Online Payments service to pay your Sound Message, LLC invoice by major credit card or electronic check. [CLICK HERE]


Nathan Roemer, Owner & Production Artist

Sound Message, LLC was founded by Nathan Roemer in 1997 as N.R. Music Ministries, a company formed to support Nathan's endeavours as an independent Christian musician. During these early years as N.R. Music Ministries, Nathan recorded a four song demo titled, "The Moments We Share", and a full-length CD project for the Christian band, Modus, for which he played keyboards. Nathan also served as the award-winning lead audio guru at Mercyhurst Preparatory School, which included acting as the sound artist for numerous theatrical productions.

After the dissolution of Modus, Nathan shifted his focus away from playing music and more towards technical audio production, music recording, and web site design and hosting. These changes resulted in N.R. Music Ministries becoming Nathan Roemer Productions (or simply Nathan Productions) in 1999, reflecting the broader range of available services at the time.

From then on, Nathan Roemer Productions continued to build a loyal and satisfied client base that included production projects across the United States and even abroad in France and England. In the process, Nathan Productions expanded its services to include CD-ROM design and independent artist marketing and event booking.

At this point, it was evident that the company was growing, but so were many others who had similar offerings. Nathan felt that he needed to do even more to set his business apart from the rest. In the years since 1999, Nathan Roemer Productions has added new services and refined existing ones, and in late 2002, Nathan decided to take the company in a slightly new direction. He examined his client base and chose several characteristics of his services that made Nathan Roemer Productions unique. Soon, he realised that one of the main strengths of the business was its high-quality, professional-level production services combined with its prices, which made better service affordable to even the most amateur of independent artists and the smallest of small businesses.

Another strength was the versatility of the services that the company offered. A musician could record a CD, design and host a web site, and obtain promotional and marketing services through one contact that they could trust. Likewise, a small business could develop an Internet presence, create promotional CD-ROM's, and obtain design services from a single vendor with personalised and responsive service. Bands and businesses with small budgets found someone that would work with them without compromising quality. And those with larger budgets enjoyed getting the same high-quality work at a significant savings!

That's why Nathan Productions underwent yet another change and became today's Sound Message, LLC. Along with the new name came another new batch of creative production services and an even more defined mission: to provide audio production and recording, CD manufacturing and printing, web site design and hosting, multimedia marketing solutions, digital photograhy, video editing, and other services that are professional, affordable, and simply brilliant!

So you see? Sound Message, LLC has a clear objective to offer high quality creative production services at a cost that almost any person or organization should be able to afford. Too many talented junior and senior high school bands go unrecorded. Too many college musicians and aspiring creative professionals settle for less because of a lack of funds. And too many churches, non-profit organizations, and small businesses think that their big-time production projects are too big for their relatively small budgets.

That's why we look forward to any opportunity to serve you. We hope that you'll let Sound Message, LLC make your creative production loud and clear, and at a price you can afford!

Sound Message, LLC now offers professional photography services, including weddings, events, and personal or commercial photo shoots. (26 Aug 2006)

We now offer a referral program called "Sound Rewards" to give back to our current clients who send new clients to us. It's simple! Existing Sound Message clients receive $25 in cash OR a $50 service credit for every new client they refer who takes advantage of at least $500 in Sound Message products and services. Thank you for your support! (26 Aug 2006)

Rates, prices, and services have been restructured to be more simple, integrated, and focused. We've eliminated some rarely used offerings and added some new offerings, such as professional photography and complete marketing solutions. (26 Aug 2006)

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